ChievMint Community Awards
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ChievMint Community Awards

ChievMint is proud to support the amazing people creating value in web3 communities. We show our support by recognizing the best and brightest stars in our ecosystem.

Voting is live, NOW until February 21st!

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Each one of these individuals are largely responsible for helping create the frameworks and processes that define the fabric of our shared space. They are the leaders, developers, and community operators connecting our human capital and ensuring we are working towards worthwhile goals. They create and help mold our understanding of technology and community.

The Slaying Moloch Award is in recognition of the selfless leaders of projects. The nominations are examples of how to lead by action, going above and beyond the normal scope of their duty. Through determination, emotion, mental, and physical fortitude nominations have helped their community to succeed and work together. It is with great pleasure that we get a chance to honor these amazing leaders:

  • DekanBro
  • Drew Harding
  • James Young
  • Leo Cheng
  • Pet3rpan
  • Peth
  • Ven Gist

The Community Ops Award is in recognition of the people that work tirelessly to keep our communities healthy and strong. They help reduce friction and keep members on task. These critical community operators help catalyze change and empathize with the needs of the many. Through effective communication and social alignment these gurus help ensure the future is brighter and more inclusive:

  • Alex Masmej
  • JamesW
  • penguin
  • Pet3rpan
  • Sky
  • Taekikz
  • TheKerp
  • Typto
  • Ven Gist
  • Yalor
  • Yalu

The Buidl Award is in recognition of the magical creators building the foundation and tools for the future. No contract is too big and no exception too small. The nominees have put in countless hours behind the scenes to make sure plans grow into products. They use the magic of technology to bring our dreams to life:

  • BillW
  • DaoDesigner
  • Darren
  • Jaclyn Lenee
  • Jonathan Dunlap
  • L-KH
  • MetaDreamer
  • Peth
  • PioneerPat
  • Saimano
  • Sam Kuhlmann
  • Scottrepreneur
  • Spencer
  • Spengrah
  • TKernell

This list highlights some of the best and brightest in the Ethereum ecosystem. We are thankful for each and every one of you. These nominations are proposed by communities like yours. If you have amazing members of your community you would like to recognize, please stop by the ChievMint discord and website to learn more!

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