Hello World - ChievMint
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Hello World - ChievMint

Hello World - ChievMint

The metaphorical carrot and stick incentive.  We see it all over the place, from “Crossing the Chasm” to “The Old Testament.”  For the past four years, we’ve been trying to incentivize experiments in this new space, with the goal of slaying moloch.  We’ve seen social pressure used in both positive and negative ways.  We’ve had moments of incredible highs, such as getting paid for an insanely dope pair of socks, but also had extreme lows of terrible twitter battles and ICO scams.

If we’re honest, it’s easy to get swept up in it all.  There’s a lot going on at an incredibly fast pace.  It’s become more comfortable to call out the bad actors in hopes of legitimizing the space rather than rewarding the good ones.  But when that attitude becomes our default, we forget the main purpose of why we came together in the first place.

We didn’t all come to this new digital oasis to force cooperation with sticks.  If you want that, there are any number of authoritarian governments that would happily have you become a citizen.  

We came to this new and exciting space because we wanted to cooperate in a positive manner.  To cooperate by finding new ways to change incentive payouts to take the old world of zero-sum games and turn it into a positive-sum game, positive being the keyword.  

And what’s the best way to create a positive community culture?  One where we focus on the carrot instead of the stick; One that focuses on recognition.

Hello to the World of Recognition, Hello to The Ministry of Achievement.

What is the Ministry of Achievement

Every year some groups and individuals stand out as noteworthy contributors, with much of their work done out of pure passion.  They’re doing it because they believe in the vision that incentivized us to take the Red Pill so long ago.

We think that these contributors should be recognized for their work.  And that those recognitions should be meaningful.  The best way to make these awards meaningful is to have them come from the community instead of a single organization.

By having the community involved, we foster an inclusive and open award community.  The community gets to drive the ideas and actions rewarded, breaking the confines of any one given ecosystem.

We believe the best way to accomplish this is by bringing in the community via a “DAO of DAOs.”  How does a DAO of DAOs work?  Each DAO nominates a delegate to the Ministry of Achievement, creating a league of delegators.  This ensures that all DAOs and Ecosystems have input into the awards.

It’s like having the academy awards decided by anyone who wanted to join and audited by a blockchain instead of PWC.

The Awards

The Ministry of Achievement has two types of achievement awards - Premier Awards and 1up Awards:

  • Premier Awards: issued periodically, nominated by the DAO, and voted on by the greater Ethereum community through snapshot votes.
  • 1up Awards: issued at any time from one community member to another to recognize their awesomeness.

The awards create a dual rewards system, a premium one that the entire community votes on and an informal one allowing communities to award specific members for going above and beyond.

This builds the framework for any community to create a positive recognition culture, moving beyond a world exclusively of guild kicks.  

How do you get to vote?

As we mentioned earlier, the community gets to vote on the Premier Awards’ final recipient by holding $CHIEV tokens (pronounced like chief, as in “you be chiefing hard”).  We did an initial airdrop of tokens to all Gitcoin Donors.  We believe it’s these Gitcoin donors that have been the real givers in the spacer so far, putting their money where their mouth is to enable others to build the world we dream of.

Future token drops will be made to members joining DAOs, award winners, NFT artists, and contributors to the Ministry. Ultimately it will be up to the DAO on what type of behavior they want to incentivize via the token drops.

The NFTs

One of the coolest parts about any award is the artwork.  Having a beautiful award is something you want to hold onto and display for all.  To encourage dope art, we built the NFT contracts in a super cool way.

Each NFT award will have one gen0 owner and a set of clones.  Whoever owns the gen0 receives a portion of any sales of the clones of that NFT (with the DAO receiving the other portion to sustain operations).

  • For Premier Awards: the Winner will receive the gen0
  • For 1up Awards: the artist will be able to hold onto the gen0

This creates an ecosystem and incentive strategy that rewards artists for creating and sharing these dope awards with the community while still allowing them to maintain a way to monetize their work.

The DAO will use their portion of the awards to maintain and build the app, create easy user experience plugins (read: discord bots), and do artist outreach.

Hello World of Recognition

We are only at the beginning, and there is much work to be done.  We may not know what all has to be built, but that doesn’t change the fact that it does, have to be built.

We know it’s going to be hard, but that will only make the juice that much more with the squeeze.

So as we look into that horizon, filled with excitement, the choice on how we get there is yours.  Do you want to get there with the stick?  Or with the carrot?

We choose the carrot.

Hello World.

Come Join Us

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